Pipo Pops Into Polypinion!

Hi folks! Pipochee here, and I have come to join the Polypinion staff in our ventures to bring  impressions and input on video games. Hopefully I can give insight on some games I enjoy and you may get to hear from me in some streams or videos. Also, in case you’re curious, I’m the same Pipo from S.M.N. Fly’s Word Up Wednesday post.

To give you a little background about myself, I’ve known Fly and the other members of Polypinion for almost three years and very quickly I became steadfast friends with them. I thoroughly enjoy RPGs as well as simulation games, but this isn’t to say I don’t enjoy other genres.

What I find critical in video games is the story that they convey and the emotions they’re able to evoke in us. I feel that any good artform is able to accomplish these things, which is why we’re able to appreciate so much content that different video game developers create.

Anyways, look forward to posts to come and happy gaming!


First Step

Banner Courtesy of Jetcell, a cool artist friend o' mine whose deviantart is linked to by the banner.

Hello, and welcome to the never pedantic and the hopefully thought-provoking palabra of a pretty plain and pure place called the Polypinion! What is a Polypinion, you ask? Well, besides being a miserable pile of opinion, the Polypinion is a small-time blog to be filled with many opinions about the video gaming industry, be it the trends, the announcements, or the games of yesterday, today, and tomorrow-day, and a bit of a personal blog about my own forays into game and story development. And I, the S.M.N. Fly of a variety of places, will be your humble host on this journey down Gaming Opinion Lane. Read the rest of this entry »