CrossCode TechDemo Final Challenge + Tips

Game: CrossCode
Developer: Radical Fish Games
Music: Tutorial-Battle from CrossCode’s composer

In celebration of the launch of the CrossCode TechDemo++, here’s a run through of RadicalFishGame’s CrossCode TechDemo’s Final Challenge with some tips on how to effectively battle in this game down here in the description!

* This game has a certain degree of Dodge Offset in that if you charge up a shot then dodge once (only once, from what I understand), then your shot will be fully charged again by the time the dodge ends. Useful for a quick dodge-shot.
* Prioritize Targets: Hit any enemy that is charging up an attack before all else.
* Rapid fire after a charged shot will be as accurate at the Charge Shot
* Commit to killing stunned enemies
* Don’t dodge until the enemy has begun its attack
* Be aware of spacing, or your distance from the enemies, as being too close to an enemy just before it attacks will negate any chance you have of dodging the attack. Likewise, being too far away from the enemies and letting them group up will allow enemies to charge up their attacks and make it easier for them to corner you.
* Prioritizing Dodging vs Attacking: Dodge any normal attack and utilize the game’s Dodge Offset, but if an enemy is charging an attack, Charge Shot it first. If you miss, get away from the Charging Enemy. If you hit, commit to the kill.
* Dodging a Charged Enemy: If you have to dodge the 1st or 2nd charges, dodge towards the enemy (not RIGHT at them, but to the side of their attack). This combined with the remaining portion of their attack will give you more room to maneuver than simply dodging away from them.
* Whenever you stun an enemy, dodge towards them so you not only dodge some of the other enemies’ attacks, but you also get in close to the stunned enemy. Once your close to the stunned enemy, your rapid fire shots will do max damage.
* Mice Problems? Dodge and rapid fire works like a charm.

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