A Brief Overview of the Video Games of 2011

Some people might excuse themselves from their obligations with unrelated things like “tiredness” or “school” or “real life”, but don’t worry my zero readers, I’ve been away for the very reason that brought me here in the first place: video games.

All my 2011 computer games.

My computer games of 2011

Yep, video games, and that’s about half of what I still got out of last year. Not entirely sure how I got a hold of this many, what with me having constantly no money throughout the year, but regardless I’ve got quite a few more games to finish up from good ol’ 2011 (for a full list of what I’m working with, check out the About page). But what did I think about 2011’s gaming overall? Well, I’ll go more into detail after the break, but three words automatically come to mind:

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