Word Up Wednesday – Firsts

And here it is, folks, the first ever Polypinion Word Up Wednesday! This week, special The Gaming Guild guest Pipo and I discuss our first video games in honor of this being the first ever Polypinion Word Up Wednesday.

Do forgive the extreme informality of this one; this week’s Word was thrown together haphazardly and the guest was not informed of this until about 20 minutes prior to recording.  Future Words will be much more structured and thought-provoking (and, you know, actually be on Wednesday CST), but this recording was fun nonetheless. Feel free to suggest ways to make this feature better either in the comments and via email, and, as always, happy gaming!


One Comment on “Word Up Wednesday – Firsts”

  1. […] Hi folks! Pipochee here, and I have come to join the Polypinion staff in our ventures to bring  impressions and input on video games. Hopefully I can give insight on some games I enjoy and you may get to hear from me in some streams or videos. Also, in case you’re curious, I’m the same Pipo from S.M.N. Fly’s Word Up Wednesday post. […]

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