First Step

Banner Courtesy of Jetcell, a cool artist friend o' mine whose deviantart is linked to by the banner.

Hello, and welcome to the never pedantic and the hopefully thought-provoking palabra of a pretty plain and pure place called the Polypinion! What is a Polypinion, you ask? Well, besides being a miserable pile of opinion, the Polypinion is a small-time blog to be filled with many opinions about the video gaming industry, be it the trends, the announcements, or the games of yesterday, today, and tomorrow-day, and a bit of a personal blog about my own forays into game and story development. And I, the S.M.N. Fly of a variety of places, will be your humble host on this journey down Gaming Opinion Lane.

And who am I to praise and criticize videos games for the masses? No one, really, I’m just another person who happens to really enjoy video games and really likes to have discussion about them, so I decided to go ahead and try my hand at a video game blog. My views on the quality of a game’s graphics are fairly apathetic, as I don’t generally judge past being able to easily identify what’s onscreen at any given time. In fact, I firmly believe that the gameplay and story of a game are far more important to the experience, the importance of one over the other being dependent of the game, as some should be judged more on gameplay than story and vice versa. Music’s also a big part of the experience, but, just like the graphical style of a game, should be judged coming off of how well it helps convey the story and/or how well it complements the gameplay style. As for my video gaming pleasures, I like to say that I’m open to any and  all genre of game (and I am, truly), but my preferences lie in RPGs,  Metroidvania, and Action-Adventures. And, as one might infer from my liking of RPGs and writing, I wholeheartedly approve of storytelling in video games. I also have a bit of a hipster  tendency to give more Word of Mouth and Praise to smaller indie titles  than to the big-name titles of today, mainly because I find that those  smaller titles need the Word more, but I do still play and usually enjoy  those mainstream games.

And that about wraps it up for this introduction! The Polypinion won’t be on a regular update schedule until the second full week of December, but you can expect some sporadic updating from now till then as I gain my bearings around these parts. Once I have gotten used to the site and blogging as a whole, be on the lookout for many varied updates from your local Polypinion, as many different ways of opinioning should be used to show off the true Polypinion of Gaming!

Until next update, happy gaming!


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